Information about Ship2Hub

How it works

How it works

Click "Sign up" to become a member and then you can choose to become a Ship2Hub service provider or a consumer who will use Ship2Hub provider near them.

Ship2Hub service providers will receive orders/packages from consumers that purchase their services for a fee they set.

Consumers can search for a Ship2Hub service provider near them and purchase their services. Then wherever they are ordering from (Amazon, Walmart, eBay or from any other place) in the "Ship To" section the consumer would enter the Ship2Hub service provider's address. 

Ship2Hub service provider will contact consumer when packages arrive to schedule a pickup.

To become a Ship2Hub provider:
1. Click "Sign up" and fill out form. 
2. Setup Paypal business account or upgrade your Paypal account to a business account.
3. Click "Post a new Listing".

To become a Ship2Hub member and use the service:
1. Click "Sign up" and fill out form. 
2. Find Ship2Hub provider near you.